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  Dr.-Ing. Ju-Young Oh
Dr.-Ing. Ju-Young Oh
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Forschungsschwerpunkte: Parameterstudie zur Ermittlung der erforderlichen Steifigkeit des Ringraummaterials beim oberflächennahen Schildvortrieb
  Interaktion der Ringspaltverpressung mit umgebenden Baugrund und Auskleidung
Interaktion der Ringspaltverpressung mit dem umgebenden Baugrund und der Tunnelauskleidung. 2013-10
  Oh, Ju-Young; Ziegler, Martin:
Investigation on influence of tail void grouting on the surface settlements during shield tunneling using a stress-pore pressure coupled analysis.
In: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 18 (2014), H. 3, S. 803-811,
ISSN 1226-7988.
  Ziegler, Martin; Oh, Ju-Young:
Effect of tail void grouting on the surface settlements in soil of low permeability.
In: Tunnels for a better life: proceedings of the World Tunnel Congress, Iguassu Falls, Brazil, May 9th – 15th, 2014 / Ed. by Arsenio Negro …, Sao Paulo, CBT/ABMS, 2014, S. 1-9, ISBN 978-85-67950-00-6.
  Oh, Ju-Young, Ziegler, Martin:
Influence of tail void grouting on the surface settlements during shield tunnelling.
Tunnelling and underground space construction for sustainable development : proceedings of International Symposium on Tunnelling and Underground Space Construction for Sustainable Development;
TU-Seoul 2013, Seoul, Korea, 18 – 20 March 2013 / ed. by Sang-Hwan Kim …, Seoul, CIR Publishing, 2013, ISBN 978-89-97776-59-7, S. 148-151.
  Sang Chul Oh, Oh, Kyoung Bum Jung, Bum Jin Oh, Sang Duk Lee:
Behavior of 2-arch tunnel in sand under the influence of vertical discontinuity.
Journal of Korean Geotechincal Society, 2006.
  Jong Dae Ku, Sang Chul Oh, Sung Hyuk Lee, Sang Duk Lee:
Pullout resistance of the toothed reinforcement strips depending on the shape.
Civil Expo 2004 of Korean Society of Civil Engineers, 2004.
Ehemalige Projekte:
  Study of the compaction and tension supporing behavior of anchor pile, 2002.
Pullout test for behavior property of reinforcement, 2002.
Study of geotextile and strength and deformation property of riprap, 2003.
Study of mechanical behavior property of 2-arch tunnel, 2003.
Behaivor mechanism of tunnel face suported by FRP-grouting, 2004.
Effect of tunnel driving on an upper existing tunnel structure, 2004.
Minimization of tunnel construction disaster and development of prevetion method, 2004.
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