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  Mehran Naghizadehrokni, M.Sc.
Mehran Naghizadehrokni, M.Sc.
Room No. 306/1
Tel.: +49 (0)241 / 80-25258
Fax: +49 (0)241 / 80-22384
Consultation hours: On appointment
Courses: Intro. to Soil Mechanics & Dynamics
Key Aspects of Research Works:
Mitigation of vibrations by installing foam trenches in the transition zone  
Library of the RWTH Aachen University
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Dynamic Behavior of Double and Triple Compound 2D Hills Using BEM.
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Seismic Response of Shallow Square Tunnels in Two-layered Ground with Elastic Behavior.
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Numerical Analysis of multilayer geosynthetic-reinforced bed over stone columns-improved soft clay.
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Reliability-Based Method for Assessing Liquefaction Potential of Soils.
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Liquefaction Assessment by Microtremor Measurement in Babol City.
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Checking and comparing the liquefaction potential evaluation methods in sandy soil.
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Earthquake liquefaction prediction method of surface marks.
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Liquefaction Potential Index-Based Approach for Assessing the Probability of Liquefaction.
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Silty soil liquefaction measure.
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Microzonation of liquefaction hazard using liquefaction index in Babol City.
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Evaluating of Dispersive Clay Soils Shear Strength Modified by Alum and Lime.
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Role of Statics and Tests in Determination of Liquefaction Potential.
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Investigating the effect of oil contamination on soil.
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